• Birthplace: Sweden
  • Awards:
  • 2012 Grammy - Newcomer of the Year for New Soul

At last, Aleks, golden voice of Fruängen, ready to relinquish his long-awaited debut album. Ever since he took tons on disc for the first time - together with their musical brethren Ison & Fille and their crew Highwon - almost a full decade ago, Aleks written, sketched ideas and recorded before his own album. And after several years of diligent studio work, it is now finally fourteen tracks carefully selected of Swedish soul music's on his first full length album.

And "Inte Längre Fiender" is a rather colourful album that impresses with a musical breadth - with production from Masse (Salazar Brothers), Mack Beats, Charlie Bernardo & Charles Champ, Hitnotics and Nemsounds - which houses both catchy R & B-pop that in "Skynda Dig," and the classic soul in the piano-ballad "When you were little," as leaden street-hip hop in rock-hard "Hope" and a blow from Balkan orchestra Party in the village in the magnificent "Ny Man."

Aleks also does not hesitate to experiment with the traditional song format

- heatedly driving "Running Shinobi" is a self-composed instrumental interludes that surprisingly breaks off, and in over 7 minutes long "sentence" are all conventional 3-minute-left rules to the side for a playful arrangements and artful storytelling.

Even in terms of lyrics and themes Aleks is not afraid to deviate from the genre obligated - often menial - "Love Songs" and instead explore more complex topics. In "Angela" and "Andra Porten" depicted two poignant life stories which in the short-film format and in the closing epic "Fruängen," perhaps the album's strongest tracks, Aleksandra delivers his life story in a strong and honest way.

Aleks’s debut album "No Longer Enemies" is a disc with its unpredictable playfulness entertain, but with its emotional weight and personal narrative also at least as much concern. It's a soundtrack to the last few years in Aleks life, an uncensored diary set to music without musical limitations.

After a warm reception with fantastic reviews of  his debut album at the end of last year he began 2012 with a Grammy as Newcomer of the Year for New Soul.




Album - Inte Längre Fiender

Released: Nov 2011

1  Ny Man  
2  Robot (feat. Mohammed Ali)
3  Skynda Dig (Rånaren & Julia)
4  Hoppas (feat. Abidaz & Hoosam)
5  Den Här 
6  Angela (feat. Fille & Sabo)  
7  Andra Porten 
8  Känsla (feat. Fille & Sabo)
9  Va Dig Själv (feat. Gurmo) 
10  Running Shinobi  
11  Meningen (feat. Ison)
12  En Dröm 
13  När Man Var Liten
14  Fruängen 

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