Awa Manneh


Awa Manneh

Awa has been writing songs since the tender age of ten and got her first publishing deal at Universal Music Publishing at age 15.

Her three times Swedish Grammy nominated debut album called ‘Sounds Like Me’ was released in 2002. The then 19 year old Awa produced and programmed 9 out of 13 tracks on the album and co-produced three. This earned her the first Swedish Grammy ‘Producer of the year’ nomination ever given to a female. During all of this time she’s had the opportunity to work and write with several great talents in the industry such as Mark Hill (of the Artful Dodger) who co-wrote and produced the track ‘Look At Me’. Other names include dynamic duo Carl Sturken and Evan Rogers, standing behind major Pop/RnB sensation Rhianna. She also had the great honour of accompanying Wyclef Jean on the arena The Globe in Stockholm replacing Mary J. Blige, performing the hit ‘911’, as well as performing with Will Smith and Wyclef together on a later occasion.

Having a Swedish mom and a Gambian dad, Awa’s music has always had that mix of traditional Swedish melody thinking blended with a backbeat rhythm.

Awa was last heard hosting 6 tracks on French House/hip-hop DJ guru Demons’ latest album ‘Music That You Wanna Hear’ out of which the single ‘In the Park’ (feat Mr Vegas) stirred up a buzz both in France and in the UK. The album also included a duet with Buckshot of Blackmoon.

Keep your eyes and ears open for a current collaboration with House DJ’s Tyken and the song ‘Every Word’ all ready spinning on English radio and clubs, promoted by Ministry of Sound/Hed Kandi.



Album - Sounds Like Me

Released: 2002

1. Hip Hop Ballad
2. Behind Schedule
(Can I Get A Witness) - Radio Edit
3. Look At Me
4. Better Than She Can
5. How Do I Wrap This Up In A Song
6. Untouchable
7. Say A Little Prayer
8. One Tear
9. No Time For Reason
10. For The First Time
11. Shook Shook Shook
12. Weren't We Down
13. Crash And Burn

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Single - Behind Schedule

1. Behind Schedule
(Can I Get A Witness) -
Radio Edit
2. Behind Schedule
(Can I Get A Witness) -
Cherno Jah Remix
3. Behind Schedule
(Can I Get A Witness) -
Topaz Remix feat. Michael Knight
4. Behind Schedule
(Can I Get A Witness) -
Rich 'n' Redtop's Trip To London Mix
5. Behind Schedule
(Can I Get A Witness) -
BossLady Remix
6. Behind Schedule
(Can I Get A Witness) -
Album Version - A Cappella

Album - Waiting in vain





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