HPNB (Half Past Never Band) is a Finnish band from Helsinki, Finland, whose music is a combination of organic sounds, black rhythms, funky feels and eastern atmospheres.

All in all, trying to define Half Past Never Band´s music precisely is not easy, but their music draws influences from several genres including soul, funk, jazz, hiphop, afro and eastern rhythms. HPNB has had previously released two albums and one EP and will release third studio album in 2013. The style of music has changed over time from instrumental hiphop to a more soulish and funkish style.

Singer Fatima Koroma joined the band in the end of 2011.

Fatima Koroma : Vocals
Timo Korander : Keys
Heikki Räisänen : Guitar
Lari Ruotsalainen : Guitar
Aleksi Mäkinen : Bass
Aleksi Kortesoja : Drums


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