• Birthplace: Finland

A sweet Scandinavian act with a classic sort of groove.

Huba’s headed by vocalist Tuomas Kaila, a singer with the sort of charm we love in Georgie Fame (particularly during his early 70s years) – a style that’s steeped in influences from older blues and soul, and is never too afraid to show them – but also doesn’t ever go for a strict copy either. Kaila’s balance is great – confident and charming, yet never over the top, and always with an easygoing groove that fits in perfectly with the live funk instrumentation of the group. Especially the great organ lines warm up the sound nicely..

The production is great too, with some older Memphis touches, mixed in with a slight dose of UK mod, but never in a rocking way. Titles include 'Vagabond Jive', 'The Kind Of Music', 'No Need For Ornaments', 'The Raven', 'Refugee', 'Dust My Broom', 'Absalom', 'Arriving', and 'Duplicate This Sunday'.



huba huba

Album - HUBA


1. Mary
2. Man Brings The Bread
3. Summer Morn
4. The Midwife
5. Brave & Strong
6. Who's Got The Nerve
7. Let The Lightning Strike
8. I'll Only Shine
9. My Sweet Beef Is My Song
(You Need A Soulful Song)
10. Like Sly Says
11. Natural High

Album - Arriving


1.The Huba Anthem
2. Vagabond Jive
3. The Kind Of Music
4. The Raven
5. No Need No Ornaments
6. Refugee
7. Ain't Got / I Got Life
8. Duplicate This Sunday
9. My Lair
10. Dust My Broom
11. Absalom
12. Arriving

Album - title





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