Ida Sand


Ida Sand
  • Birthplace: Sweden

Ida Sand was born in 1977 into a very musical family in Stockholm. Her family roots lie in Piteå, a town in the far north of Sweden.

Ida’s father was a well-known opera singer who sang at the Stockholm Opera for 30 years, her mother is still an active church musician. Both parents were strong inspirations for young Ida.

She started playing the cello at age 8 but the instrument did not leave much of an impression. Instead, Ida spent more and more time at the piano, singing along while tinkling the keys for hours. She did not let her mum teach her, she wanted to learn for herself and so she did.

At 16, Ida went to study at the music gymnasium in Stockholm and two years later, she went on to the Academy of Music in Gothenburg, where she immersed herself in the city’s lively jazz scene.

As fascinating as jazz was to Ida, her musical influences remained Stevie Wonder, Donny Hathaway and Aretha Franklin. After graduating in 2000, she worked continually, spending her time doing nightclub gigs, playing piano bars and soul clubs. Always busy, always learning.

Ida has a smooth soulful voice with a feeling of classic rare groove -

Since Ida started her career as a freelance singer and keyboard player, she has worked with the cream of the crop of the music scene in Sweden: Christian Waltz, Stephen Simmonds, Carola, Lisa Nilsson, Eric Gadd, Bo Kaspers, Jerry Williams, Uno Svenningsson, Jennifer Brown and Nils Landgren, to mention a few.

In spring 2007 Ida’s debut album 'Meet Me Around Midnight' was released and critics and music lovers felt confident. “Ida Sand sings with power and she is the most soulful white female singer to come along in some time”, said JAZZ PODIUM.

Ida’s second album 'True Love' was released in 2009. It takes on an even more personal sound than her previous work – one reason for this is that in the interim period Sand has become the mother of a baby girl. 'True Love' is produced by her husband, the guitar player Ola Gustafsson. At the album’s core are five outstanding original compositions, framed by classics from a variety of genres – a very personal declaration of love to her family, the music, and the world.

With her third album 'The Gospel Truth', released in September 2011, Ida Sand fulfills a long harboured dream: to unite her three great musical influences – jazz, gospel and soul – with her own personal signature. The album was produced by Nils Landgren who is also involved as a musical guest as is guitarist Raul Midón, singer Rigmor Gustafsson, saxophonist Magnus Lindgren and guitarist and Ida Sand’s husband Ola Gustafsson.



meet me truelove gt

Album - Meet Me Around Midnight   

Released: 2007

1. Mr Pianoman 
2.Bang Bang
3.Brutal Truth 
4.Every Little Bit Hurts  
5.Here Comes The Rain Again  
6.One For My Baby 
7.Feeding Off The Love Of The Land  
8.Higher Ground 
9.At Last 
10.Baby Don't You Tear My Clothes 
11.Maybe You'll Be There 
12.Use Me  

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Album - True Love

Released: 2009

1.Ventura Highway 
2.Notice Me  
3.The Weight 
4.My Biggest Fear 
5.As Long As You Love Me  
6.Devil's Game 
7.Heart Of Gold 
8.Manic Depression 
10.Who's Gonna Help Brother
Get Further  
11.Redemption Song  
12.True Love 

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Album - The Gospel Truth

Released: 2011

1.Eyes On The Prize
2.Ain’t No Sunshine
3.He Ain’t Heavy, He’s My Brother  
4.A Change Is Gonna Come  
5.Have A Talk With God  
6.I Wanna Know What Love Is  
7.Until The End  
8.I Wish I Would Know How
9.Have A Little Faith In Me 
10.It Is To Know 
11.Like A Prayer 
12.God Only Knows  

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