Kamilia Amélie


Kamilia Amélie

Kamilia Amélie is a singer/songwriter from the heart! The soul comes first and talent comes straight after. Hopefully you will all agree! Her forthcoming coming album is created in collaboration with producer Steven Mahona and Nephel music.

Kamilia Amélie's been singing from a young child. She's completely self-taught and learned by listening to other artists (such as Michael Jackson) and was inspired by what they did. She wrote her first song lyric at the age of 10 and started composing the year she went to S.A.G.A music academy. She's been dancing since the age of six, and took a one-year dance education, lived three months in Paris taking lessons and doing street shows, and worked as a dancer creating dance theater (the hip hop version of the Nutcracker in Tivoli), dance performances and teaching hip hop, house and contemporary at Gaardbo dans.

She's been singing background for Danish artists like Wafande, featured Faustix on the track weapons and is now working on her own album with the producer Mahona and Nephel Music. Expression is essential to Kamilia, and she seeks quality and perfection in every minute.

Kamilias' music has roots in soul, rhythm and blues and pop. Kamilia writes strong, authentic lyrics and you can tell that every line has a story. The feeling on the album is mostly positive and easy going so you can just lean back and let the music make you smile...



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Single - Little Darling

Released: April 2012

1. Little Darling

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Single - JanteLaw 

Released: August 2012

1. Jantelaw

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Album - Come What May

Released: Sept 2012

1.Thats a Lie

2.180 degrees feat J-Spliff

3.Go Ahead

4. Ego

5. Jante Law Surpressed

6. Music's Gonna Save Me

7.Don't Need You

8. Back feat. Wafande

9. Little Darling

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