Karin Fransson


Karin Fransson

Karin Fransson is a singer/song writer and arrived in London from Sweden in 2005 to start her musical career. On 5th July, 2011 Karin released her debut album "Private Behaviour".

While studying music and production Karin learned about some truly amazing musicians and people, the reality of unrealistic expectations, how to enjoy London without money, abilities and inabilities alongside of acquiring technical skills for recording.

From this she needed recovery and time to figure out her own path. Whilst venturing into song writing, collaborations, and gigs by chance Karin met the instigator of The Island Experiment, Wade.

She has since been taking part in many of the Island experiments, such as the Respect Festival 09 and the Ken Gibson recorded albums (The Island Experiment Vol 1, 2 & 3) available on Itunes.

Having been spotted by Natalie Williams performing at the Bedford, Karin was invited to play at the legendary Jazz club Ronnie Scotts, a long-held ambition of Karin.

Then, after numerous gigs and writing Karin commenced recording her album in Feb 2011, and is currently promoting this in and around the UK and Scandinavia.



private Behaviour    

Album - Private Behaviour

Released: Jul 2011

1. Effortless
2. Serious
3. Let It Go
4. Think I'm In Love (OMG)
5. Secret
6. Ordinary Thing
7. Don't
8. Move On
9. Flat Pact
10. Pick Yourself Up
11. Up, Down or Out
12. Fly Away Again
13. Good Old Thing

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