Natalie Gardiner


Natalie Gardiner

Born in Uppsala, Sweden, with a father from Ghana and a Swedish mother, Natalie’s passion for singing and song writing began in an early age. Raised on her mother’s large collection of jazz, soul and funk records Natalie soon started to sing in local jazz bands.

In 1998 Natalie moved to Stockholm. After a few years of working with different bands and producers she finally started to work with producer RMJC. In 2004 her critically acclaimed self-titled debut album was released. The soul-drenched CD got much deserved attention with fans all around the world and Natalie’s quickly became a sought after name among many of Europe’s top producers and DJs on the Nu-jazz / soul scene.

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natalie california 2007 northernskies

Single - Natalie Gardiner

Released: 2004

1. Trouble in mind
2. Once I thought your love was good
3. Down on me
4. Can't quit you now
5. Going down slow
6. Can't get rid
7. Sweet misery
8. Now I got worry
9. Monday girl
10. For your love
11. Time ain't on my side
12. Move me
13. I'm satisfied

Single - California

Released: 2007

1.Summer Rain
2.On the Low
3.Slowly Softly
5.Come Find Me Again
6.Fading Hours
7.Let's Not Worry About Tomorrow
8.Lonely Coming Home
10.Don't Mean A Thing

Single - Northern Skies

Released: 2011

1. You
2. Days gone by
3. Blinded
4. Hey mama
5. Say you will
6. Circles
7. Send away my tears
8. If I ever
9. This coming night
10. Help me breathe
11. Back to zero
12. Here is the night
13. More than you'll ever know
14. Waiting for the rain
15. Stay
16. Only time will tell
17. Should you ever fall
18. This too shall pass

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