Oaklyn is a fresh Finnish collaboration between producer Sami Tammela and vocalist Linda Ilves. The Helsinki-based duo's debut album "Chasing the Sun" was released June 1st 2012 and it has been given a warm welcome by the finnish audience as well as abroad.

The soulful vocals by Linda Ilves are accompanied by Sami Tammela's diverse production that blends the sounds of hip hop, jazz and electronic music into an unique mixture of nordic soul.

Sami Tammela is a producer-keyboardist based in Helsinki, Finland. Currently he is working as a freelance sound engineer in studio, live and theatre applications. In addition to focusing on Oaklyn as his main priority his touch and vision can also be heard on The Megaphone State's recent album "VLA Kings".

Linda Ilves is a singer-songwriter born and raised in Helsinki, Finland. She has been musically active both as a composer and as a performer for a number of years. Her versatility and dynamic way of singing are both traits she's known for. She has collaborated with other Finnish acts such as Trevor Deep Jr, Gracias and the Megaphone State. Oaklyn being a dear project to her, she also thrives as the lead-singer in Space Jerusalem, a progressive band which experiments within different styles and combines them.

Currently the duo is working hard on their upcoming full length album and honing their live set ready for the road.








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