Parasto Sazvar


Parasto Sazvar

Young and new to the scene, it might be a challenge being both a solid songwriter and a vocalist confident in their own sound. But that’s not the case for Parasto as she has already managed to hone and polish her songwriting skills and established her characteristic sound. Couple that with her soothing and sultry voice and she is taking soul music to uncharted territory. Her upcoming album is a moving and soulful debut that introduces a serious talent whose music carves out its own secure place in the music scene.

With a very rich cultural upbringing, Parasto’s home was always filled with music. Even though she was born and raised in Stockholm, she still has strong ties to her Persian heritage and culture. Growing up she took classic piano lessons from very early on, but it wasn’t until her mid-teens that she found a deeper appreciation for soul music.

“...Her soft voice embraces producer Mustodamus’ sound and creates a feeling that is found somewhere in the greyzone between soul, r&b and jazz…”
– Kingsize Magazine

With the passing years she broadened her understanding of music and in the summer of 2006 she was introduced to Daniele 'Mustodamus' Musto, a producer from the publishing label Basecamp Songs. 

They began working together and started to get a sense for each other’s musical talents. Having written all of the songs on her upcoming album, all the time spent with her music and in the studio sharpened Parasto’s skill as a songwriter, taking inspiration from a wide spectrum. She explains her music as an evolution of influences and describes them as pretty contrasting, something that is very tangible.

Parasto has done a couple of successful collaborations with other artists but feels it’s the right time and place in her life to step up the game and stand on her own. Even though she hasn’t released an album yet Parasto has a big fan base in Sweden.

“I’ve been around since the myspace-era and noticed how many followers I had on there, which surprised me as I was a rookie in the music business. Now I get even more surprised that so many people show up at my performances even though I haven’t released an album. When it gets difficult with my studies and work and all, it’s those people who motivate me to keep doing what I’m doing..”

“…Her smooth vocals and gentle lyrics together with the instrumentals of producer Mustodamus creates music that should make record label fingers itch with anxiety…”

“…After listening to some of her songs I must say that it’s been a long time since I’ve heard soul music this good from Sweden…”
– SoulOfSweden

Her yet to be titled debut album is expected to be released later this year. The distinct captivating sound she has formed is on full display throughout. A sound she eagerly yet masterfully mixes with a variety of influences. She’ll take the listener through her ups and downs, capturing their attention with music appearing in new forms with each passing track. A must-not-miss track that will be on the album is her debut single 'Promise'. It’s a laid back tune about a call for love, with her soothing vocals stroking it and rhythms perfectly fitted for musical relaxation. 'Promise' was released on April 22nd 2011.

“Here’s one of Sweden’s top R&B artists. She’ll give you a variety of stripped and heartfelt soul songs to heavy-beat R&B tracks. Our little country has without a doubt something big to offer to the R&B scene of the world.”
– Fasching


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