Pomona Dream


Pomona Dream

It started by chance mistake.  

A case of mistaken identities led to then Gothenburg based producer, Ribbs to contact lead singer Sandra Bang over stolen music. Technical difficulties led by the SoundCloud bots notified the duo that they had gotten credit for each other’s music. The technical difficulties led in their favour as they continued to contact each other which eventually led to a real life meet up.  

After the first week of meeting the duo had written five songs together including their forthcoming first single “The Box” (release date October 30th 2015). After the honeymoon week ended they realised they have a problem.  
How would they continue to work together when Sandra lived in Stockholm?  

Sandra extended an invitation to Ribbs and the two promptly moved in together and harvested their mutual love for Twin Peaks, mermaids, and diamonds into Pomona Dream.  

With influences ranging from the boom bap of 90’s hip hop to the early recordings of synth pioneer Morton Subotnick; Ribbs and Sandra Bang have cultivated their playful approach to music into a beautiful mixture of unpretentious psychedelic hip pop.

They released their debut single The Box (2015) and later on their debut EP Rainbow Milk (2016).

In 2016 Pomona Dream got listed as an artist you should know by KCRW.


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