Rebekka B. Maeland


Rebekka B. Maeland

From a small, rural town in the distant province, Norway, sounds an angelic voice. Rebekka, a young, up-and-coming neo-soul artist takes our thoughts way back to the golden era of soul.

Born into a music-loving family, Rebekka immediately learned to appreciate the joy of melody. With her father as a mentor she would travel around to perform along with her brother, and sang in various choirs and groups, until she wrote her first song in, November 2006. A star had begun her journey towards the skies.

Still determinately working to develop further in style and expression, Rebekka keeps blessing us with songs that we all can relate to. Inspired by that universal love and divinity that no human can help but to recognize, she writes most of her songs herself. "All kinds of music inspires me, especially soul music from the 1950’s. But God, love, life, and my family is my biggest inspiration", she says. Her music stretches into contrasts between the honesty and vulnerability of her lyrics, to the strength of her talent. All of this without getting in the way of catchy hooks, or keeping her humble person from shining through.

In short: soothing music to make you feel good.

She is working closely with producers such as Harry West from Bergen, Roar Farstad from Kristiansand and Jonesy for JNS Beats in Oslo. She has made great live performances with her new band, as well as a couple of international collaborations,  some with rap artists from the US. Her dream is to one day be able to make a living of her music, and to concentrate fully on her great passion with her own unique artistic signature.

In Feb 2014, Rebekka won Single of the Year 2013 at the first every Award night in Sweden, as voted by the fans.




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Album: Coffee and music

Released: 16 oct 2008
℗ 2008 G'Bless Records


Released: 12 September 2011
℗ 2011 G'Bless Records

Single: My Way
feat. Son Of Light

Released: 10 October 2011
℗ 2011 AGF Music

Coffee and Music 2 rebekka summer 170 no cover

Album: Coffee and music part 2

Released: Dec 2012

1. Crazy Woman
2. High
3. These Four Walls
4. Better of Alone
5. You Are Here

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Single: Summer Feeling

Released: 15 June 2013




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