Twaine - A World in Change

Swedish band Twaine are Lead by the deep and engaging vocals of Henrik Sundquist, and their new 10-track album offers a highly-listenable experience from beginning to end. The mellow track, Best of Days is a perfect example.

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Public Secret


Public Secret won't be a secret for long

The debut single from Copenhagen-based Future Soul Band - Public Secret - Tears (To Water Her Roses) is the first beacon to what we feel will become a shining soul light.

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million 240


Rohey release their debut album

The Norwegian quartets exquisite, jazzy-soul tracks have impressed since their debut, and the first compilation of their music can now be found in a strikingly designed, 12-track album - A Million Things.

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Andy Collins

Andy Collins

I'm a South Londoner now living in Sweden. I'm also a part-time DJ/ founder of Urbanlife Radio and co-founder of Scandinavian Soul. Music has always been my soundtrack to life and although I listen to everything, soul is always in my playlist.

Danish songwriter and artist, Gregers blasts off with his new single - Outer Space.

A mixture of rocket science and good grooves transports Gregers into a new galaxy with his new R&B/pop fueled single. Nominated for a number of Scandinavian Soul Music Awards 2016 (Best EP/ Best Single) the hard-working singer continues to impress with this catchy and well produced track.

If you’re looking for a modern, experimental sound that blends neo-soul with jazz then look no further. We’ve discovered a treat!

25 year old, Daggi Zegreat, hits us with her stunning debut Sommar i december (Summer in December). Sung in Swedish, the track needs no translation to be completely captivated with this track. UK DJ Rich Chocolate from, immediately described it as ‘Absolutely off the hook!!!

It’s not very often we’ll tell you about an artist without letting you hear the full joys of their music, however, this time we felt it necessary to give you an early heads up. You really won’t want to miss hearing Daggi Zegreat's debut single.

Produced by Miljon (NESS), Daggi’s neo-soul drenched track 'Sommar i december' (Summer in December) is out Friday 29th August.

Oh my.

Well, that was our reaction when we listened to Veronah's debut single - No Thing Like This, and once you’ve pressed play, we’ve a feeling it will be your reaction too.

Recorded live in the studio, the Danish band Veronah launches into the music scene with a sumptuous neo-soul track. Marie-Louise's soulful vocals are underlined with lush Rhodes keys, dynamic electric guitar chords and sweet horns to immediately produce an irresistible soul sound.

Having enjoyed a huge number of successful releases with Nicole Willis and Myron & E, the world-renowned and highly respected band, The Soul Investigators, now release a new single - After The Storm which features Willie West.

Tuesday, 16 August 2016 00:20

NEW VIDEO: Pomona Dream (SWE) - Gladdic Wox

To be yourself and to be authentic, you have to go all in. Swedish band Pomona Dream are an ‘all in’ retro, 80’s style, pop/soulful fusion duo, and their new video ‘Gladdic Wox’ is out now.

Gladdic Wox is taken from Pomona Dream’s not-to-be-missed debut EP Rainbow Milk, and the new video, directed by Ribbs (Pomona Dream), transforms their groove into a visual celebration of free expression.

August means we are now eight months into 2016 and you know what…we’re still smiling.

Despite numerous frightening and truly horrendous events, which could easily drag us down into despair, we’re still smiling because we're listening to a brighter side of life. A world where people of all colours, backgrounds and countries unite and together they make harmonious magic. And it’s all right here on

We should start by saying that we’re backtracking here as we re-visit May 23, 2016 for the release of Swedish artist Buster Moe’s single/video - Shoot me.

This soulful single grabbed us immediately, and the video features Buster as he tries to solve his relationship issues through the rainy streets of London town.

The internationally known band Beat Funktion have announced their new album with a launch event on September 1st at the home of Jazz, Fasching in Stockholm, Sweden.

Beat Funktion's sixth album ‘Green Man’, features no less than eight guest artists who include; Viktoria Tolstoy, Jasmine Kara, Damon Elliott, Matilda Gratte, Adée, Claes Janson and Alicia Olatuja. All tracks are written and composed by Daniel Lantz and this album will contain the most vocals to date.

Already a legend in the Swedish soul world, Tingsek teases us with a studio version of - Gas Station Gus, the second track released from his forthcoming album. 

Tingesk said, ‘Prince always said that he made ”real music for real people” and that’s what I’ve been trying to do to for the last 15 years.’

And it is real music!

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