Twaine - A World in Change

Swedish band Twaine are Lead by the deep and engaging vocals of Henrik Sundquist, and their new 10-track album offers a highly-listenable experience from beginning to end. The mellow track, Best of Days is a perfect example.

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Public Secret


Public Secret won't be a secret for long

The debut single from Copenhagen-based Future Soul Band - Public Secret - Tears (To Water Her Roses) is the first beacon to what we feel will become a shining soul light.

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million 240


Rohey release their debut album

The Norwegian quartets exquisite, jazzy-soul tracks have impressed since their debut, and the first compilation of their music can now be found in a strikingly designed, 12-track album - A Million Things.

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Andy Collins

Andy Collins

I'm a South Londoner now living in Sweden. I'm also a part-time DJ/ founder of Urbanlife Radio and co-founder of Scandinavian Soul. Music has always been my soundtrack to life and although I listen to everything, soul is always in my playlist.

If we created a list of the artists all Swedes should know, Dim Out would be at no.1.

The highly unappreciated artist deserves far more attention. After producing a string of creative and iconic videos (Förort, There Has To Be a Way, Standards) to match his unique sound, Dim Out once again releases a video that’s seeped in humour, disjointed beats and lyrical magic.

Sportholm is the latest track and video from Dim Out and we go behind-the-scenes during a rather demanding video production.

We’re back!

While the world continues to current spin in a somewhat scary, sad and erratic fashion, the team took a little time out to recharge the soul batteries in the warm, summer sun.

So, a perfect welcome back is the new, summer infused single/video - Love, Love by Danish soul singer Bobby Bovell.

Award-winning beatmaker Kriswontwo injects his groove on the remix - which gets a fittingly creative video.

With winter now a distant memory, the warmth of the summer sun seems be to truly embracing soulful music from Scandinavia as it continues to grow and flourish. Another perfect example of this is Swedish band KAALM who have just released their debut single - Time. Based in Malmö, KAALMs debut track is a wonderful web of Jazzy / soul tones and gentle harmonies.

Monday, 27 June 2016 12:51

NEW VIDEO: Beautiful - MYRNA (N)

Norwegian soul singer Myrna transforms her single Beautiful into a strong and dynamic new video. The Bergen soulstress is joined by 16 dancers from B'Hip Hop Dance Studio (Schangstyle) and dancer Ane-Jørgine Frøyen.

The UK may have recently decided to create borders, however the world of Scandinavian soul continues to break them as it’s embracing vibes continue to reach beyond our Nordic shores. This analogy aptly fits the songs title ‘Definition of Love’ too.

A perfect example is an exciting musical collaboration between South Korean singer Lee Dong Woo and Swedish producer/singer Orphée Noah. The result is their new song/video best described as a dream fusion of multi-layered jazz and neo-soul. The video had over 100,000 views on it’s first day!

We don’t think Marie Dahlstrom has released a less than excellent single yet, and her latest track is no exception.

Based in London, the award winning singer, who has worked with numerous producers such as;  Mawhs, Les Loups and D.K. the Punisher, continues her winning strategy with One More Reason which has drawn compliments such as ‘beautiful and amazing’.

The core of the sound of soul lives within more than the musical arrangement - the voice alone can deliver all the emotional connection we call ‘soul’.

One underground singer whose soulful voice we’re always excited to hear is Julia Spada. Julia’s previous releases such as ‘Headshake’ and the stunning ’Reptile Mission’ have already sealed her name in the Scandinavian soul music vaults.

Swedish singer Bishat says she doesn’t want to be put in a ‘RnB or Soul box’. Well, she won’t like this as we’re going to put her into an increasingly growing box of musical talent called 'Scandinavian Soul'.

We only created the ‘box’ (we prefer ‘genre’) to make it easier to discover all the superb soulful music thats happening across Scandinavia. Bishat’s new track Mine is drenched with her soulful vocals and the new R&B flavour - it just has to go in!

Out now is the debut song and video by Swedish soul newcomer Loulou LaMotte ‘ Pray For You’, and she makes an immediate impact.

With a vibe similar to Harleighblu, Jill Scott and our own Linn & Freddie, Pray for You has lush neo-soul vocals, sweet horns and conscious lyrics to instantly make this a must-listen-to track!

Thursday, 16 June 2016 14:25

Happy Hip Hop went backstage at SSMA 2016

American blog Happy Hip Hop attended the Scandinavian Soul Music Awards earlier this year and it seems they really enjoyed the event!

The relatively new website, driven by Gari ‘Harlem Globetrotter’ Harvey, covers prominently hip hop but also reaches out to R&B and soul. Whilst in Sweden they captured footage from several performances and also took the chance to go backstage and meet Norwegian band Rohey’s lead singer, Rohey Taalah and Swedish singer Jasmine Kara.

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