Saturday, 28 September 2013 03:03

Rebekah Christel (DK) – I Know

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Here's an exciting young Danish singer Rebekah Christel, who we've just been tipped about and she sounds very good indeed!

'I Know' is her first official release due this Autumn, and yes, you bet we want to hear more!

Remember the name Rebekah Christel.

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    Rebekah Christel burst onto the music scene late 2013 with her debut EP Never Ending which recieved high praise from us. The track, For the Night, was one of our favourites and her new video gives us another opportunity to see why we rate this young Danish singer so highly.

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    From Barbara Moleko to Quadron, the Danes seem to be producing a varied range of artists who all express their soul in their own Scandinavian way. In 2013, I wrote down the names of two of these artists, underlined them, and added the words “keep an eye on”- these artists were Scarlet Pleasure and Rebekah Christel.

    There's a rawness, a feeling of untamed energy and sheer attitude that makes Rebekah Christel, much like Scarlet Pleasure, really appealing.

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