Friday, 29 November 2013 23:03

Myron & E

While touring in Finland with his solo project, E found himself in an impromptu jam session with members of The Soul Investigators, whose work with singer Nicole Willis helped define them as one of Europe's foremost retro-soul bands.

“I don’t really think there’s anybody else that can do it as good as they can,” E states about the band. “They do it like none other.”

While on the road with the Bay Area’s Blackalicious, E recruited Myron as a singing and songwriting partner, and thus Myron & E was born.

Alongside The Soul Investigators, the duo released a string of funky 45s on the Timmion label — starting with 2008’s “Cold Game”/”I Can’t Let You Get Away” — before signing with Stones Throw in 2012. Since then, Myron & E have been focused on building their live performance, which includes sold-out shows across Scandinavia.

Myron & E’s recently gave an excellent performance at Fasching, Stockholm and their debut album 'Broadway' realeased this summer is, at the very least, worth a listen!

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