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On Deck 2 - Humus

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Following the success of the critically acclaimed album “BamaLoveSoul Presents On Deck” Roderick Moody - aka DJ Rahdu, has compiled a new compilation entitled “On Deck 2” due to be released 10 Feb. 2014.

On Deck 2”, released on the BBE record label, contains a wealth of new material specifically submitted for this project which includes Rippy Austin’s ‘Fallen’, Stephanie Nicole’s spaced out funk ‘Diligence’, and we were particularity interested to find a horn driven and gorgeously sung serenade called “I Do (I Do)” by Finnish band Humus, whom we've been following closely.

Humus is a Finnish duo consisting of Heikki (aka Akanuke), and lead vocalist Tiia (aka Anahata) who first started making music in 2009, originally with Finnish lyrics, but in 2011 they moved over to English. Following this change, Humus has began receiving growing international interest.

‘I Do (I Do)’ is a dreamy track which, like their cover version track of Led Zeppelin's 'Whole lotta love' captures their now recognisable sound, and even has Anahata delightfully speaking English with a unmistakable Finnish accent.

Humus are clearly reinforcing to us that the Nordic soulful musical trend, which is emerging from Finland with bands such as Dolla Lova, Oaklyn and Jo Stance is only getting better and better!

1. Rippy Austin – Fallen ft Nathan Pittmon & Robert Casey
2. Joomanji – Intoxicated ft Joseph Marks
3. Stephanie Nicole – Diligence
4. James Tillman – Shangri La
5. Jevon Reynolds – Silence (Midnight Mix)
6. GDNA – Calm
7. Humus – I Do (I Do)
8. Fayth Hope – Warrior
9. Anu~Sun – Where Did We Go Wrong ft Augi
10. J Finesse – Drums, Claps & Snaps … Ya Dig
11. Buscrates 16-Bit Ensemble – In The Distance
12. Aisha Mars - Ultraviolet

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