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Marie Dahlstrom wins three at First-Ever Scandinavian Soul Awards

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On February 26, at Katalin in Uppsala, Sweden, our first ever Award night kicked off with a surprise artist. Erik Runeson, a (until now) undiscovered soul singer started the evening with a real soulful groove.

After an initial introduction about the history of Andy and Sandy (no seriously! Andy Collins and Sandra Stadelmann) presented the Awards.

The artists performing were:

Marianne Da Cruz (Won't you be Mine)

Tanya, accompanied by Chuck Anthony (Mr. love) 

Chris Cook & Kristin Amparo (There)

After over 2000 votes the Winners of the 2014 Scandinavian Soul Awards are:


Marie Dahlstrom – What's it gonna Be

The top 4 nominees:
1. ”Whats it gonna be” - Marie Dahlstrom (DK)
2. ”Gattu” - Okapii (DK)
3. ”Hey Love” - Quadron (DK)
4. Whatcha Doin'!? - Ms. Lynx (FIN) 


Marie Dahlstrom – Gloom EP

The top 4 nominees:
 1. ”Gloom EP” - Marie Dahlström (DK)
 2. ”Fall for you” - Dolla Lova (FIN)
 3. ”Mamas Feast” - Mariama (SWE)
 4. ”Avalanche” - Quadron (DK)


Rebekka B – Summer Feeling

1. ”Summer feeling” - Rebekka B (NOR)
2. ”Something like nice” - Marie Dahlström (DK)
3. ”Shine on” - Christoffer Hiding (SWE)
4. ”Money” - Mariama (SWE)



The top 4 nominees:
 1.    Okapii (DK)
 2.    Tanya (SWE)
 3.    Mariama (SWE)
 4.    Rebekah Christel (DK)

ARTIST OF THE YEAR 2013 (chosen by Andy Collins -

Marie Dahlstrom

To us at, everyone was a winner and deserved a prize for producing an outstanding year of scandinavian soul music. 

We would like to thank all guests and artists who made the journey to attend this special night and all the messages of support!

AND Special thanks to our sponsors for believing and supporting us Katalin, Radisson Blu Uppsala, Frida Bloberg (for the most superb Award design), Plantagen, Xulio for the great pics, and everyone who helped make this happen!

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