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Cosima Lamberth - another future star in the Scandinavian Soul universe?

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Five months in and 2014 has already proved an excellent year for soul music in Scandinavia as we continue to discover a stream of exciting soulful newcomers such as: Amanda Wium (DK), The Magnolia (SWE) and The Man (FIN).

Her name is Cosima Lamberth.

The Swedish singer came to our attention with tracks such as 'I Do Think I'll' and the excellent teaser ‘Come Back’

Born and raised in Malmö, Cosima grew up with music already a key part of her family life. Her mother is a classical pianist and her father a jazz pianist and composer.

"In my younger days I played all different kinds of instruments, the piano, the violin, saxophone. Later on I started singing in church and there it was! I was hooked!" says Cosima.

Cosima now lives in Stockholm which has provided great opportunities to further develop and pursue her love for music.

"I’ve been collaborating with artists like Per-Erik Hallin, Kristin Amparo, Eric Gadd and the electro duo Fort Fairfield. Right now I am focusing on my own band and material - creating soulful music."

"I always had a desire to express myself with music and I am trying to aim an affection to the listeners. It is a calling that needs to be pursued. The urban soul, the atmosphere contrast to the playful beats becomes the theme for my upcoming music - goosebumps guaranteed!"

Currently in the studio Cosima sounds as passionate and excited about her music as we are!!

“Right now me and my band are working with our up coming EP (release planned end of Summer 2014) - it’s gonna be a blast!!”

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