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Young Swedish quartet slowly come to light

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Old soul. Classic soul. Neo-soul. Regardless of the title, if it has a soulful sound in the Nordic regions we’re eager to hear it, and our ears have been tuned in to Swedish band Ever Say Ever for a while. 

Lead by the enchanting vocals of Liselotte Östblom, Ever Say Ever are a new young quartet who play urban beats with neo-soul inspired grooves influenced by artists such as D'Angelo, Badu, Hendrix & Coltrane and Little Dragon amongst others. The band are experimenting with electric bass guitars, drums, and vocals, testing the limits of how far each instrument can be pressed to create something new, organic and yet still swings.

Have a listen to their latest upload which contains a medley of forthcoming tracks, and below a live performance of "Set In Stone" from 2013.

It’s still early days but we really like what we’ve heard so far.


Liselotte Östblom - vocals
Emmanuel Hailemariam - guitar
Oskar Alex - bass
Magnus Wiege - drums


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