Thursday, 07 August 2014 23:35

Introducing See Rue (DK) - Dreamcatcher

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‘Dreamcatcher’ is the first official release from a highly creative singer called See Rue, and we like it!

Signe B. Rudolfsen aka See Rue is from Odense, Denmark, and she uses art and music to express herself, much like the talented Carina Andersson who we recently wrote about.

See Rue describes the track as a journey into her deepest thoughts, dreams, and memories from the beginning of her life. Her dreamcatcher was given to her by her father and its meaning shown to her by a family friend, originally of the indigenous Lakota Tribe.

Accompanying the story, is a head nodding rhythm, and a grooving whirlwind of synths produced by Temu Bacot. Temu is himself an accomplished singer, producer and multi-instrumentalist, originally from New York but now lives in Malmö Sweden. As a result  ‘Dreamcatcher’ has a touch of Native American tones blended with Soul, Hip-Hop, and Funk.

See Rue is a business woman, painter and handcrafts-artist but right now it’s her debut track which is impressing us the most, and takes soul music in Scandinavia in an exciting new direction.

Written & Composed by See Rue
Produced by Temu Bacot 

Additional keys by Daniel Fridell 

Bass guitar by Mogens Palsbøll 
Mix & mastering by Jonathan Ojeda at bREAK THE NORM.



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