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VIDEO PREMIERE: Adée - Don´t Leave

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We recently posted our excited discovery of Swedish artist Adée with her soul-hop flavour, and we’re delighted to now present the video premiere of her track 'Don’t Leave'.

adee-musikAdée, who is already being called ‘the Swedish Alicia Keys’, combines soul with hip-hop, and her heartfelt track 'Don't Leave' seeps with soulful emotion.

The video, directed by Linus Valberg & Molly Frank Logue, features some creative contemporary dance moves by Jonny Boström.

Adée is currently taking part in Musikhjälpen (Music Help) which, through a combination of music inspired activities, raises money to help stop the spread of HIV. Adée is donating a percentage of her sales to this and to Womens Aid Organisations.

It’s just another good reason to purchase her music!

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