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NEW VIDEO: Saint Cava (DK) - Forget

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We’re so glad the 2014 Scandinavian Soul Music Awards takes account of the full calendar year because it’s late releases like 'Forget' by Saint Cava that really should not be missed. Saint Cava aren’t just a new band to take note of, but they burst in to December with a stunning debut video too.

Saint Cava are a Danish duo, signed to Forbandet Ungdom (Cursed Youth) and consists of producer Andreas Waze with singer Ericka Casier Ramos Lizardo.

Their debut track 'Forget' has the Nordic gloomy air blended with sensual vocals, deep bass and experimental R&B to create an impressive debut, and the video, directed by Rasmus Rørbæk is completely polished!

Saint Cava is working on their debut EP and this debut alone has left us eagerly wanting more!

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