Tuesday, 24 February 2015 16:28


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Swedish singer/producer, ‘Sounds Like Moving’ now releases his new single "Black Roses" through the record label 100SONGS.

”Black Roses" wouldn’t feel out of place at the beginning of a Bond film, with it’s grand expansive sound and dark undertone.

”It just so happens that many of my friends have been in total darkness”, said Sounds Like Moving. “Some of my closest friends have been beset by anxiety so strong that the will to live from time to time hasn't been there."

We’ve known Sounds Like Moving for many years due to his collaborations in the Swedish soul scene behind artists such as Kristin Amparo, Malena Uamba and his constant partner Samson For President - “Papa's Old Piano".

After three years of working in the studio, Sounds Like Moving stepped up on the Stockholm Jazz Festival stage as a solo artist with his new material. And after a diligent autumn and winter with gigs backed by a handful of solid musicians, he now releases his new single "Black Roses"

Look out for the future video release…

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