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New single from Nicole Willis & The Soul Investigators to be released May 1st

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On the 1st of May, Nicole Willis & The Soul Investigators from Helsinki, Finland will release their first single ‘Paint Me In A Corner’ from the upcoming album ‘Happiness In Every Style’.


Nicole Willis’ soulful voice is one of a kind, and her lyrics are full of insight, whereas The Soul Investigators are known for their unique sound that combines late 60s styled funk and soul. The Soul Investigators have played together since 1998, and they have released a number of independent singles with various vocalists and also instrumentally. The collaboration with Ms.Wills works like a charm, which can be heard both live and in the recordings.

The track ‘It’s All Because of You’ - on their last album ’Tortured Soul’ is 7+ minutes of simply incredible music and is a perfect example of how this combination make magic together.

Approaching the release of their third album in autumn 2015, it’s time to test the waters with ”Paint Me in a Corner” b-side ”Where Are You Now” on 7” Vinyl.


You can order the 45 in advance from Timmion Webshop.



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