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The Magnolia - Little White Dove

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Director Haroun Hajem beautifully captures a glimpse of the highly rated Swedish band 'The Magnolia' on their recent tour.

The Magnolia are a ‘must-see-live’ band who remind us music lovers of the unique dynamics bands produce. Bands are formed with a combined passion and a desire to create music from the soul, and The Magnolia are a perfect example.

Creatively shot, ’Little White Dove’ has the moving and emotive Arvid Nero on lead vocals and is tinged with a reggae vibe.

It’s no secret how much we at admire the Swedish band who recently won our Best Band Award for 2014, and surely it’s just a matter of time before they receive the international recognition they deserve.

The Magnolia’s debut album is expected soon.

The Magnolia: Albin Meldau, Arvid Nero, Malte von Sydow, Gabriel Castro, Pontus Hedström and Kalle Stenbäcken


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