Monday, 11 May 2015 20:16

HYLD (DK) - The Disobedient Victim

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Take four musicians a scoop of soul, sprinkle a little jazz and blues and the result might be new Danish band called HYLD. However, combining those wonderful ingredients together can indeed produce a delightful main course or a confused dessert.

HLYD land somewhere in-between with their fusion of sounds, which we should add, includes a Rapper, AK who appears on two of the tracks on their debut EP.

HYLD consists of pianist Otto Sidenius, bassist Jon Bruland, drummer Carsten Milner and singer Dorte Hyldstrup and they have recorded all tracks live in the Studio. Dorte may be relatively unknown outside her native Denmark, however she has played with numerous artists from the Danish music scene, sung as part of the choir in a number of Disney movies, and performed in the Eurovision Song Contest.

HYLD’s debut 4-track EP The Disobedient Victim, with wonderful cover artwork by Lisbeth Damgaard, is released May 4.

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