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‪NEW VIDEO: Jonas - Dag Har Brug For Nat (feat. Højer Øye)

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Out now is the brand video from Danish soul singer Jonas - Dag Har Brug For Nat (feat. Højer Øye) which is a dynamic and striking reflection of the new R&B sound growing in Denmark.

Jonas has been part of the established Danish music scene for more than 15 years - both as a solo artist and songwriter, but also as a singer / musician for artists like Outlandish, Rasmus and later Barbara Moleko, Ukendt Kunstner and S!Vas. He is part of the hip hop group Sweatshop, along with rapper Kuku Agami and producer Daniel Fridell, with releases and tours in France, Belgium and Switzerland.  He has also released two albums under his own name since 2005 and toured in many parts of world with his own music. He recently performed at the SSMA (Scandinavian Soul Music Awards) in Stockholm, Sweden.

After more than 20 years as a hardcore soul/R&B fan Jonas grew tired of the genre. The productions sounded the same, and the lyrics had become more about big cars and pompous declarations of love.

"The genre was a picture postcard wrapped in cellophane and large arm muscles. It was too artificial, and it had no content or depth to it, "says Jonas.

He rediscovered the inspiration for the new generation of Danish-language singers and rappers who have made vulnerability their trademark. Artists like Charles William, Lord Siva and Ukendt Kunstner, exposing both uncertainty and frayed emotions in their lyrics.

"I am very inspired by the new Danish wave of R&B. They dare to be abstract and poetic, and it comes with a much needed honesty which the genre has been lacking. It has helped me fall in love with R&B again, "says Jonas.

The new Danish R&B-wave inspired him to drop the English and start writing texts in Danish. The first result was the song ‘Når Verden Ender’, produced in cooperation with Tais from the Aarhus music collective HuKaos. A dreamy and grandiose number that shows a more emotional version of Jonas, than we are used to.

Now he is ready with the bass-heavy sequel ‘Dag Har Brug For Nat’ (Day Has Need For Night), where he’s joined by rapper Højer Øye (Benny Jamz). A heavily produced, apocalyptic track, the video fits perfectly with the dark theme of the song.

The new album "Først Til Sidst" is due out in August. A melancholy and personal album from a man who is one of Scandinavia's best soul voices.


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