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Nanna.B (DK) – Prayers

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It’s been a while since we last heard from Danish singer Nanna.B. She seemed to have all but disappear from the music scene after she left us literally cradling her superb debut album Vitaphone, featuring tracks like “Sum O Sometimes” and “People”. Since then, she’s travelled frequently to L.A. to work on new projects with a range of exciting producers.

Now she’s returned with a new single, produced by her, and it teases as much as it pleases.

The track “Prayers” is from Unspeakable Volume 2, but clocks in at just 1:51. Painfully short, it’s soaked in her soulful echoing vocals and is a timely, yet excellent reminder of one of the key artists who lead the start of the Scandinavian soul music revival.

‘Prayers’ however simply leaves you wanting more, and that’s a really good thing!

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