Sunday, 13 September 2015 22:21

New Video: Jay Nemor (US/N) - Sunday Morning

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How do you imagine Sunday morning sounds like?

Well, if you were to ask us, we’d say something like this.

Taken from his excellently received debut album ‘Just Sayin’ is the new video for the track ’Sunday Morning’ with sounds and looks like the title. The American soul singer, who lives in Norway, is adopted in to our Scandinavian soul family via his earlier superb duo collaboration ‘Kenya & Nemor who’s album ‘Just Becuz’ is woven with soulful tracks.

Jays’ deep, rich vocals are simply intoxicating straight from the opening. Look out for Icelandic singer, Kenya Emil who joins Jay Nemor in the aptly shot video for this smooth and laid-back track.

Don’t save this song for Sunday. Kick, back, relax and listen to this… any day of the week!

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