Tuesday, 22 September 2015 13:54

Danish producer Kriswontwo releases his debut album CEREMONI

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Out now is the debut album Ceremoni by Danish DJ/producer Kriswontwo. The 12-track album features a range of upcoming and established artists such as; Liv Lykke, Skyloo, Billow and Nanna B.

The album has a predominately hip-hop, urban vibe, and joyfully intertwined are a number of soulful numbers within the selections too. A perfect example is the track Origin of Eye which features Nanna B. The Danish soul singer, who Kriswontwo describes as ‘one of his favourites’, lends her vocals on this fabulous track with MonoNeon supplying the bassline.

Another not-to-be missed track features UK soul legend Omar on the dreamy single Love, Need You. Omar’s vocals are unmistakeable and always add that warm, soulful edge. The official video is below.

The entire album CEREMONI is available to listen on SoundCloud, and you can purchase the limited edition vinyl (includes mp3 album + instrumentals) here: www.kriswontwo.com

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