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Have you heard of the Danish band Phlake?

You haven’t? Then now would be a good time to be enlightened.

Out now is Phlake’s (Mads Bo and Jonathan Elkær) new single titled ‘Pregnant’, and the duo continue to blend together R&B/soul and Pop influences with delightful and now humorous results.

‘Swimming in Oreos …your mood swinging like the 60’s' and '…those extra pounds make you sexy’ are just some of lyrics woven into this ode to pregnancy!

Since the days of ‘Kid 'n' Play’ and ‘DJ Jazzy Jeff & The Fresh Prince’ Hip-hop has lost it’s humor, and it’s a joy to hear some again, especially in R&B/soul - it's not an easy thing to do.

Right now Denmark is 'giving birth' to an exciting number of new R&B/soul bands and artists - Phlake are certainly 'delivering' the goods! (Hahaha! Sorry!)

Jokes aside, Phlake are a real serious band to listen to and enjoy.

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