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Introducing Tatarius (N)

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Norwegian soul continues to develop and grow as 2015 finishes with another fresh name to add to our soulful Scandinavian list - Tatarius.

Tatarius are a new Norwegian duo who’s music is a fresh take on modern RnB with influences from Neo-soul, EDM, jazz and hip hop.

Tatarius is a project started by musicians, former students, and best buds Axel Toreg Reite and Sindre Gjærum Hansen. The project was founded in Oslo in 2014, but they have been making music together since they both studied music at the University of Agder in 2010.

Their music is a mixture of melodic, expressive vocal with deep lyrics, dirty hip hop grooves and phat bass lines in a playful, electronic production. The result is their own personal brand of electronic RnB.

While they were studying they played in a soul band with two fellow students. This band got a lot of great feedback both for their music and live performance. Therefore, Axel and Sindre decided to bring some of this music together with the new tunes they were making in to a new and fresh sound.

Axel Toreg Reite and Sindre Gjærum

Axel was born in to an artistic family. He's played in several bands since his childhood in many different genres before he discovered his passion for soul, funk and hip hop. After years of performing as a bass player he discovered a second passion in music production and electronic instruments.

Sindre was born in a family that has always been passionate about music, and grew up listening to soul, funk, motown, hip hop and early RnB. Even though he listened to these genres from a young age, he first began to write his own soul music when he studied at the university. In 2013 he participated as a contestant in the Norwegian version of “The Voice” where he reached the semi-finals with Tommy Tee as his mentor.

The list of similar inspiration for Axel and Sindre is long. Both are inspired by musicians and music such as D'Angelo, Erykah Badu, Stevie Wonder, J Dilla, Common, Donny Hathaway, Prince, Sly & the Family Stone, James Blake and many more.

Enjoy the track below - Questions, and listen out for more from this band.


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