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The Northern Lights (SWE) - Best Part of the Year

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It’s no understatement to say that we at love Christmas, and it wouldn’t be the same without a soulful Christmas soundtrack to help celebrate the season. We’ve all the classics already added in our playlist such as Donny Hathaway’s - This Christmas and Al Green’s - What Christmas Means To Me, and it's always a joy, but difficult, to find more.

However, Swedish band The Northern Lights new release  - Best Part of the Year, jumps straight into our list as it brings all the sentiment, heart and soul of Christmas without any overdose of sweet.

It’s simply beautiful!

Jingle Bells, horns and a glockenspiel are just some of the instruments within this festive track that’s seeped in nostalgic 50’s soul, sealed with Erik Bo Jonssons emotive vocals on top.

Written by Erik, produced and arranged by John Runefelt, Best Part of the Year is easily one of the best soulful Scandinavian Christmas songs ever produced and an instant classic.

We won’t get tired of hearing this every year.

The best part of the year just got better!

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