Wednesday, 16 December 2015 00:20

New Video: ‪Aleks (SWE) - STHLM

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Swedish singer/rapper Aleks new single/new video - ‪STHLM is a socially consciousness reflection of the world today.

STHLM  is an abbreviation of the word Stockholm, and it’s this cities life and cultural diversity that’s reflected in the black and white video.

Sung in Swedish STHLM highlights the disparity between those who have and have not, and shines a light on people that can be forgotten or ignored but are a valuable part of the essence of Stockholm.

We need more music that is inspired by the world around us and Alexs successfully does that.

The video is powerful, touching and well shot by Dir. Aleksandar Manojlovic, with the surprise outro adding an extra caveat to a sublime track.


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