Friday, 18 December 2015 10:02

VIDEO Premiere: Hanouneh & The Polydramatics (SWE) - Bruises

Written by is delighted to present a debut single that perfectly encapsulates the song title and is simply sublime until the very last note.

Introducing Swedish singer Hanouneh & The Polydramatics and her new single Bruises which is intense and scintillating, combined with a superb video.

Hanna Cinthio aka 'Hanouneh', has gained recognition in Sweden and abroad as an uncompromising artist with great integrity, fusing music with an uplifting message of justice and change.

Elements of jazz, soul, reggae and hip-hop blend with powerful lyrics delivered in a soulful voice, creating a unique sound that knows no borders.

Hanouneh released her first international solo album Love & War in February 2011 through her own record label Don Dada.

Besides performing at clubs, events and festivals in Sweden, she has toured the Middle East and West Africa with big live band settings, spreading her message on a mission to  cross boundaries, touch hearts, and break chains.

Dark, edgy lyrics, soulful voice, jazzy groove & bad ass beats

Now it's time to get to know a different and more intimate side of her artistry. It started with a random guest performance at the Grand Cocktail Jazz Club in December 2014, when musical passions were ignited between Hanouneh and the backing band, and the concept of The Polydramatics emerged and took shape.

A simple but powerful setup with Dennis Rosendahl on Rhodes piano, Kristian Rimshult on double bass and Andreas Baw on drums creates a complex but groovy universe, interpreting the music composed by Hanouneh and framing her personal and edgy lyrics.

The captivating video, directed by Anna Patarakina and produced by Thilo Zimmermann, creates the perfect tone and drama for this stunning track.

Bruises” is the first single to be released within this project, and a full length album is planned for 2016.

We can't wait!

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