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A Brand New Stage (SWE) - Feel the rain

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Swedish band, A Brand New Stage, are born from a concept titled ‘New Voices’ who have an ambition close to our hearts - to highlight new unestablished voices.

On their forthcoming self-titled album 'A Brand New Stage' they introduce singers Rachel Kasule and Tove Gustavsson.

The musical and lyrical inspiration for their debut album is from Erik Pettersson, who's drawn from his own personal experiences. When Erik broke up from an intense business career he knew he had to do something for his heart and soul. "When one's new life plan isn’t any clearer than that, you end up in unexpected situations and encounters, which naturally affects you" Erik says.

The first release ‘Feel the Rain’ features Rachel, a newcomer to us too, and her strong, vocals leave a positive, memorable impression.

Rachel has a background in gospel music and choral singing which is clear in her pronounced RnB expression.


Erik described the inspiration behind the song ‘Feel the Rain’. ’I woke up early one morning, my darling was still asleep, and I noticed how quiet and peacefully she breathed. I realized then, that we finally started to get paid for all the changes we had made. It became pretty clear that all the hard work we had made a priority is rather pointless if you neither have peace, nor the time to enjoy it.'

A Brand New Stage, produced by Jonas Backman, is expected to be released soon.

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