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Tingsek returns with a new single - The Fiddlers

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Swedish soul singer Tingsek has released his new single ‘The Fiddlers’, and this Autumn will also him release his first studio album in 7 years.

Over the years Magnus Tingsek soulful tones has gained him a large fan base with his uniqueness, charisma and excellent song writing skills. Besides his solo projects he’s also a member of the celebrated Swedish reggae band Helt Off, and he often makes guest appearances on live shows with artist Timbuktu.

During his album hiatus Tingsek has focused on collaborations with other artists, such as the acclaimed American artist Allen Stone on his latest album Radius. Recently, Norwegian soul singer Bernhoft joined him on the studio, and the track will be on Tingsek's new album.

Listening to the ‘The Fiddlers’ you feel that this is a new, mature sound for Tingsek. This can immediately heard in the blues, work song soaked opening with deep conscious lyrics.

‘If things really go bad and your world shatter. Maybe I can say something that actually matter. If this progression Can ease your depression Maybe I can say something that matter
We´re the one’s at the end of the rainbow Yeah, we know everything you don’t. If you want your everyday to gain glow, turn the volume way on your phone. ’ 

A multi-talented artist, Tingsek provides; Lead Vocals, Background Vocals, Drums, Guitars, Wurlitzer, Piano, Percussion and Production on this single.

If this is the first taste of the upcoming album, then we can’t wait to hear more.

Listen to the ‘The Fiddlers' here: Spotify:  iTunes/Apple Music:



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