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Nosizwe (N/SA) - The Best Drug

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Out now is the brand new single The Best Drug by Norwegian / South African singer Nosizwe, and it glides like a fine pair of roller-skates!

Early in 2015 Nosizwe went to Los Angeles / Las Vegas to work with the acclaimed artist and producer, Georgia Anne Muldrow. This resulted in Georgia producing Nosizwe entire album.

"This song simply shows why I am the luckiest woman on earth who has been able to have worked with her” says Nosizwe.

The BESTD copy"The Best Drug" is in many ways the 'lightest' song on my debut album, says Nosizwe. "It's about the feeling of pure joy of great music. There are things that are are hard, and you suddenly feel lighter with a good song in your ears."

Music is simply the best "drug”, concludes Nosizwe.

Georgia Anne Muldrow shows both her divine voice and her exceptionally producer skills on this track.

We recently spoke to charismatic singer and asked her about the fab cover photo (see right). You can read the full interview here.


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