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Cherrie launches her debut album - Sherihan

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Swedish/Somali R&B singer, Cherrie, has recently released her highly anticipated debut album - Sherihan.

Sherihan (Sherihan ”Cherrie” Hersi) is the name her parents gave her at birth and the album takes you on her personal journey through 10 songs, plus a bonus track.

The striking singer offers a new, different perspective and expression to Scandinavian R&B. Sung in Swedish it may be difficult for none native speakers to grasp the full context of the text but the heart-felt essence is undeniable.

With roots from Somalia, the Grammy-nominated singer recently spoke about her time in Finland, where she lived until she was nine.

She sings "I think back to when everything was good / When has anything ever been any good?" - There was much that was good in Finland, but racism destroyed everything. I am the oldest of my siblings so I took it upon myself to defend them. I fought every day.

The first time in Sweden was difficult, the family moved often, Cherries father was seriously ill and money became a problem.

"The stress was constant, and I was so angry. It had been inside me - that hard, aggressive personality from Finland. It was only when we came to Rinkeby that I could relax. Exhale."

Where many have used their voice through rap to describe their ‘hood’ and frustrations, Cherrie has instead captured the rawness of her feelings with the sound of hip-hop and reflected in song.

Produced by Leslie Tay och Amr Badr, the result is a proud and uncompromising sound that gives birth to a new R&B (or should we say soul-hop?) from the suburbs of Stockholm.


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