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Don’t miss these soulful releases from summer 2016

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August means we are now eight months into 2016 and you know what…we’re still smiling.

Despite numerous frightening and truly horrendous events, which could easily drag us down into despair, we’re still smiling because we're listening to a brighter side of life. A world where people of all colours, backgrounds and countries unite and together they make harmonious magic. And it’s all right here on

Since January we’ve heard so many truly, wonderful releases by artists such as: Peo, Cecelia Stalin, Black Dylan, Bernhoft, Dim Out, Pomona Dream, Native Dancer, Nosizwe, Ness, Marie Dahlstrom, Kaalm, LouLou LaMotte and so, many, many more!! With new releases still to come from Nanna B, Tingsek, Linn & Freddie and Melo, to name but a few, there’s plenty of reasons for you to smile too.

Our joyous journey of soulful discovery continues as July and August continue to reveal a wealth of sumptuous music.

BE YOUR GIRL feat. Sandra Bang

Swedish duo, Pomona Dream, blasted off with their debut EP Rainbow Milk which is full of superb, future scandi soul vibes. Now lead singer, Sandra Bang, temporarily flies solo as she features on producer Marbro Man's new track - Be Your Girl. The result is a delightfully sexy, sweet and dreamy track.

De Paula - Waltz

Previously known as Emilie De Paula, Swedish singer De Paula (see main photo) has released several new tracks on Soundcloud from her forthcoming EP. With a change of name comes a change in style and her soulful/blues sound is now deeper in statement, and even more personal. This is best highlighted with the track Waltz which takes several plays before it slides into your soul.

ZacMan Music - Talk About Love

The Danish funk maestro, ZacMan, has released two versions of his new smooth and soulful track - Talk About Love and both are equally impressive. What’s even better is they can both be found on his new album, released on Soundcloud.

The 11 track debut album, ZacMan Music, is influenced by Stevie Wonder, sexy R&B and hip-swinging Funk. A full review is coming soon, but meanwhile enjoy the single below.

Loulou LaMotte - Gonna Miss Me

Gonna Miss Me isn’t an official release from soul newcomer Loulou LaMotte but what the hell! She’s got a new EP landing soon and we think she’s great!

Follow us on Soundcloud to hear more Scandinavian soul gems as we discover them!

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