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NEW VIDEO: Pomona Dream (SWE) - Gladdic Wox

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To be yourself and to be authentic, you have to go all in. Swedish band Pomona Dream are an ‘all in’ retro, 80’s style, pop/soulful fusion duo, and their new video ‘Gladdic Wox’ is out now.

Gladdic Wox is taken from Pomona Dream’s not-to-be-missed debut EP Rainbow Milk, and the new video, directed by Ribbs (Pomona Dream), transforms their groove into a visual celebration of free expression.

Lead singer Sandra Bang described the title ‘Gladdic Wox’ as “..being pleased within one’s shell. A certain bravado to one’s presence. After all, are you what you look like or who you feel like being?"


You see miss Gladdic Wox
while she’s walkin with her legs fox
moon rising from her hair
she smiles who can stop stare?

High heels she click click clocks
all her lovers all around the blocks
she uses what she wants
her eyes make your heart beat stop

She’s a twenty-first century fox, you can call her miss Gladdic Wox

You see miss Gladdic Wox
shes a liar watching how she knocks
every broken heart
she smiles while she ends the start

But she is leaving forever
I’ve heard that she is leaving home forever


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