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Daggi Zegreat releases her debut single - Sommar i december

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If you’re looking for a modern, experimental sound that blends neo-soul with jazz then look no further. We’ve discovered a treat!

25 year old, Daggi Zegreat, hits us with her stunning debut Sommar i december (Summer in December). Sung in Swedish, the track needs no translation to be completely captivated with this track. UK DJ Rich Chocolate from, immediately described it as ‘Absolutely off the hook!!!

Produced by Miljon (whose work with NESS already had us begging for more), Sommar i december has delightful horns, lush harmonies and poignant lyrics. Daggi’s tender, soulful vocals would easily warm up any cold winter night on this sublime track.

For us, this track is one of the best Swedish sung, neo-soul tracks ever produced!

Daggi, or Dagmawit Alemayehu as her parents named her, grew up in the Stockholm suburb, Skarholmen, where the dream of becoming a singer and a studio-recording artist was awoken. The youth centre of the suburb hid a studio where music lovers like herself were allowed to record self written songs. And so began her love for songwriting.

The love for the written word drove her to complete a bachelor degree in journalism, but it was the poetry set to music that screamed louder. At the age of 23 she decided to fully devote her time to music.

”At one point you wake up and realize that it’s now or never. Hopefully the dream is still alive by the time you do” she says. Driven by her passion for all to follow the desires of their hearts, her songs often follow in that theme.

”Summer in December gives a taste of what my EP will sound like. It started out as a jam session with producer Jon Skoog and musician Abel Haile, and later set the tone for my musical direction really. It’s a smooth, digestible song, if you will, where jazz/pop meets soul.”

'Somma i december' is the first single out of a series of songs that will be included in her debut EP. The release is expected to take place in 2016.

See Daggi live at Halsocafé, Stockholm August 31th.

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