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CREAM is now tastier than ever!

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Swedish singer Daggi opens a new concept, new look and new sounds at CREAM.

The relaunched event aims to show a wide range of live music from soulful pop and indie R&B singers to tight 60’s soul and jazz funk bands.

Opening a new double bill format is 25 year old, Daggi Zegreat, who recently released her stunning debut single Sommar i december (Summer in December). The Swedish singers sound is modern and experimental, blending neo-soul with jazz and we believe a real star of the future!

Also performing live is the Award Winning band Soweco. The bands sound is a mix of soul/west coast and smooth jazz. Their latest album 'Only You' was extremely well received internationally and established them as one of Stockholms finest soul/jazz bands! With Fredric ‘Froche’ Renmark’s smooth and soulful vocals SOWECO always deliver the perfect vibes for a gem of a night.

Providing a soulful mix of good vibes are two of Stockholms coolest DJ cats - Freddzor & Mossbol.

CREAM is on WED Oct 5. 19:30 Daggi. 20:00 Soweco

CREAM is a FREE event, organised by, and takes place at Tap Room, Kungsholmen Stockholm.

Listen to DAGGI:
Listen to SOWECO:


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    If I was going to sum this album up in one word it would be “smooth.”

    If I was pushed to expand on that, I’d probably go for “damn smooth!”

    Okay, you are going to need more than that but smooth is certainly the watch word here and when you then realise that the band name is an acronym for “So West Coast” then it all makes sense. The west coast in question being that of sun kissed California and the vibe being so laid back that the band are virtually horizontal.

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