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Neo-soul singer Daggi Zegreat releases her debut video - Sommar i december

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Daggi Zegreats’ debut single which captivated us on it’s release earlier in August, now gets a fitting re-release in Decemeber with an apt video.

Sommar i december is about an unconditional love that doesn’t waver, regardless of the circumstances. Directed by Malaika Holmén and Henrik Rinaldo the video this is depicted through a sisterly love and girl power spirit.

Two are stronger than one and that goes for all kinds of relationships, not least the one between girls.

There is nothing more beautiful than two women lifting each other. There’s such power in sisterly unity,” Daggi says.

As for the styling, it was very important for Daggi to accentuate her curly hair. It’s become such a central part in her life that she even wrote a song about it.

"Such an awakening for me when I realized that my hair was naturally beautiful. It goes beyond just the physical. Would love for the younger generation with different textures of curls to embrace their natural beauty, too. For me it was definitely a statement to wear curly hair in my video".

The petite, curly-hair-singer, lit up our recent event CREAM, and without doubt, Daggi is an artist to look forward to in the very near future.

'Sommar i december' is produced Jon Skoog at Gateway Music and Abel Haile graces the tune with a new sax-solo. 


Photo by: Ala Hojat


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