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NEW VIDEO: Daniel Rosenholm unveils his new soul

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New year, new me!

Or so the saying goes but we all know how hard it is to stick to resolutions.

Well, Swedish artist/producer Daniel Rosenholm definitely means it, and the artist previously known as Dubious Quip, launches 2017 under his own name and with a new video/single - It's Gonna Be Alright.

Written and produced by Daniel, the single has a soulful, smooth and laid back tone which eases you in with a mellow, yet tight bass and uplifting lyrics.

The track is presented in a very well-made video too, produced by Daniel and Andreas Hillerborg, as we see Daniel make a desperate escape from the binds of modern life. The calming positivity flows through this exquisite track from the gentle guitar opening, by Vangelis Wessman, to the relaxing water sounds at the end.

We strongly recommend you take a listen and perhaps you’ll discover a new you too!

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