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DoktorDoktor release a fine example of soul-hop ‬

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Contrary to what you may have thought, our understanding of all Scandinavian languages such as Danish, isn’t as good as we’d hope, however it doesn’t stop the SSoul team from enjoying the broad selection of native Nordic sung soulful tracks.

A fine example of this is the single/video - Charter by Danish band ‪DoktorDoktor‬, released in December 2016. Despite us not understanding a single word, the soulful, mellow vibe translates into a really enjoyable track.

Based in Copenhagen, the Danish soul-hop band DoktorDoktor play innovative urban music which blends the beat-oriented hip-hop culture, with the improvisational approach of jazz and soul music.

DoktorDoktor - with rapper Mads Glendorf in front - arose from the seven band members shared love of hip hop, soul and jazz. The band debuted on stage during the Copenhagen Jazz Festival in 2010 with their hard-hitting mix of tight drums, funky horn riffs and thoughtful lyrics.

The bands debut album - NytLåntGammeltBlåt was released on June 2 2016 via Target Records, and is a fine example of their authentic and organic sound. Their second album - Primo lands later this year.

Doktor Doktor consists of:
Mads Glendorf: rap, Jacob Baggesen: sax, Tim Ewe: trumpet, David Dyrholm: keyboards, Simon E. Hansen: guitar, Ash Grieger: bass, Janus Camara: drums

Follow: www.doktordoktor.dk

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