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EXCLUSIVE PREMIERE: Liselotte Östblom - Above

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After successfully funding her debut EP, Swedish songstress Liselotte Östblom presents an exclusive pre-listen on of her single - Above, officially released Jan 27th.

Above - is the first single from Liselotte's upcoming EP ‘A Paintbrush Unfold’- a fusion of the jazzy elements, soulful beats and melismatic vocals all wrapped in a colourful framework.

The songs’ opening line 'I'm a story; I'm unfolding a paintbrush to a canvas of hope' also explains the defining title of the EP.

It's about being open to the mystery of life,” explains Liselotte, “the searching for truth and asking questions that you don't have the answers for and dare to explore them- knowing that there is a deep meaning and purpose for it. That the boundaries of creativity and freedom are for me based upon hope.

Written and produced by Liselotte Östblom, the single is lyrically and vocally creative, and provides 5+ mins of increased excitement for the full EP release.

Above - will be available worldwide for streaming and purchase on Fri 27th of January 2017.

Guitar - Benjamin Koverman
Keyboard - William Benckert
Bass - Tom Olovsson
Drums - Felix Tvedegaard Heim
Backing vocals - Hanna Bylund, Anna Lindahl, Fridolf Östblom

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