Friday, 03 March 2017 13:36

Mikala debuts her own Nordic cool R&B

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Danish singer Mikalas' debut single 'Save Your Love' is soaked in R&B influences, retro samples and fused with her sweet vocals.

In collaboration with Scandinavian producer David Mørup (Scarlet Pleasure), the result is a compelling Nordic cool R&B track.

Press play below and turn it up!

Describing the single Mikala says;

"In the beginning, I wanted to write a song about ‘the state of the world,  but it seemed a bit too heavy for me - so we ended up writing about a typical one-night stand where the girl kind of ditches the guy... But while watching the election in LA last year, we added the sample at the beginning that says 'Makes you wonder what the world's coming to' - giving it a state of the world twist anyways..."

Mikala grew up in the tougher areas of Copenhagen, and although the family struggled financially the one thing they did have, was music. With their support to be creative, Mikala seized this opportunity for expression and never looked back.

Mikala is currently in the studio, and we'll be eagerly waiting outside for her next release.

NOTE: Readers under 20 yrs old: The image in the video is a Cassette. Yes, as first seen in Guardians of the Galaxy...

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