Tuesday, 21 March 2017 12:24

I Found Me - Rohey live at Rockefeller, Oslo

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Live or recorded, Norwegian band Rohey are jazzy, soulful, daring and utterly captivating.

In a recently posted video, we see a live performance of their second single - I Found Me, at Rockefeller, Oslo in front of a packed crowd.

The beautiful dynamics of a 'band' has been removed from modern pop culture, driven by larger profits made from solo artists, yet the art of music can still found within a group of people each contributing to one synergistic performance.

Rohey - a quartet of talented musicians; Ivan Blomqvist/keys, Kristian B. Jacobsen/bass, Henrik Lødøen/drums and fronted by lead singer Rohey Taalah are demonstrating something that we've missed and loved with bands such as D/troit, The Magnolia and Artifact Collective - and it's exciting!

Long live bands.


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